Volta Press Type Catalog

Our complete catalog of lead and wood type is now available online. Scroll over an image to see the size and name, and click on it to enlarge the type sample. As our collection grows, we will continue to update this page. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with questions, feedback, or inquiries about custom typeset projects.


60pt. Berthold Block

48pt. Sans Serif

42pt. Condensed Antiqua

28pt. Condensed Grotesk

12pt. Fraktur

10pt. Fraktur

6pt. Fraktur

28pt Säculum

20pt. Säculum bold

12pt. Säculum halbfett

6pt. Säculum halbfett

20pt. Script

10pt. Script

20pt. Zarte Grotesk dünn

16pt. Zarte Grotesk dünn

24pt. Slab Serif

16pt. Schmale Erbar

14pt. Welt Antiqua

12pt. Post Versalien

10pt. Neue Kabel

10pt. Eckmann fett

12pt. Futura

48pt. Berthold Block

36pt. Sans Serif

28pt. Condensed Antiqua

24pt. Condensed Grotesk

10pt. Korpus Fraktur

8pt. Petit Fraktur

30pt Licht Sans

24pt. Säculum bold

16pt. Säculum

10pt. Säculum halbfett

28pt. Script

20pt. Script

24pt. Zarte Grotesk

24pt. Zarte Grotesk dünn

10pt. Zarte Grotesk

16pt. Palette

12pt. Schmale Erbar

14pt. Welt Antiqua Bold

8pt. Post Versalien

8pt. Neue Kabel

10pt. Magere Eckmann

10pt. Futura

36pt. Berthold Block

28pt. Sans Serif

36pt. Condensed Grotesk

36pt. Fraktur

10pt. Korpus Fraktur fett

8pt. Fraktur

20pt. Licht Sans

20pt. Säculum

16pt. Säculum bold

8pt. Säculum halbfett

24pt. Script

16pt. Script

20pt. Zarte Grotesk

16pt. Zarte Grotesk

10pt. Zarte Grotesk dünn

12pt. Palette

16pt. Schmale Erbar

10pt. Korpus Antiqua

12pt. Neue Kabel

12pt. Eckmann

8pt. Eckmann

6pt. Grotesk


20 cicero Grotesk

12 cicero Grotesk

6 cicero Slab Serif

16 cicero Aurora

16 cicero Condensed

12 cicero Erbar