sonnet #45

Typeset broadside for the Bodleian Library's "154 Sonnets" project. Photo by Norman Posselt.


Verlag für Literatur

2-color letterpress cards on 300g. Printed on a Korrex and Heidelberg Tiegel.


Type Samples

1-color wood type samples, printed at P98a as part of an archive of over 250 wood fonts.


Golden Dawn

3-color letterpress postcards on 600g. Printed for the artist Savanna Snow.


Termin Geometry

2-color letterpress postcards on 600g Hahnmemühle. Book Club of California.



2-color letterpress card on Crane's Lettra 110# stock. Printed on a Vandercook 3.


Year of the Rabbit

2-color letterpress postcard printed on 600g Hahnmemühle 100% cotton.


Optics 1

2-color letterpress prints exhibited at the Compound Gallery in California.


Simple Food

3-color letterpress posters printed for Alice Waters' reading of her book.


End of the World

4-color letterpress and screenprint posters for author Timothy Egan's reading.


Nouveau Floral

1-color letterpress cards printed on Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper. 


Strange Bird

4-color letterpress on Crane's Lettra. Printed for the artist Savanna Snow.


Book Arts

Set of handmade books, exhibited at California College of the Arts.


2-color letterpress prints for the Book Club of CA. Printed on a Heidelberg Tiegel.



2-color letterpress print on 170g Fabriano. Printed in black and gold on a Korrex.



3-color letterpress/riso print celebrating Block font. Hand set type on 170g.


A Bestiary

2-color letterpress print on 100% cotton. Illustration by Ben Catmull.


Care of Trees

1-color letterpress bookmarks on plantable paper. Printed for Shotgun Players.


Cut & Carved

3-color letterpressed and screenprinted postcards on 300g Crane's Lettra paper.


Line Drawing

2-color letterpress business card printed on 300g Hahnemühle Natur paper.


Optics 2

2-color letterpress prints exhibited at the Compound Gallery in California.


a Bright Day

DVD covers printed on recycled kraft paper. Letterpress and screenprint.


Telegraph Avenue

2-color letterpress posters printed for a reading by author Michael Chabon.


California Poppies

2-color letterpress cards on 300g Hahnmemühle 100% cotton paper.



2-color letterpress business cards on 430g. Printed for designer Michael Buchmiller.


Beeswax Magazine

Letterpress literary & art journal, 8 issues published from 2005-2013.

Print's Not Dead

1-color letterpress print on 270g Meta Rough. Hand set with type and ornaments.


Paper Magazine

2-color letterpress limited edition slipcover on recycled kraft paper. Printed for Galerie P98a.


Type Faces

1-color letterpress, handset type portrait of Ezra Pound, printed on 250g Fabriano.


Dots & Loops

2-color letterpress calling cards on 600g Hahnmemühle 100% cotton paper.



1-color letterpress CD covers on 600g Natur. Printed for James & Evander.



1-color, 2-sided letterpress cards on 600g. Printed for PSY/OPS Type Foundry.



2-color letterpress on kraft paper. Printed for designer Lark Pien.


Optics 3

2-color letterpress prints exhibited at the Compound Gallery in California.



Business cards for a hair salon. 2-color letterpress on 300g Hahnemühle.


The Far Field

2-color letterpress posters. Exhibited at the Theodore Roethke Museum, Michigan.


Black-Tailed Hare

2-color letterpress posters on 100% cotton. Printed for Diesel Bookstore.



2-color letterpress postcards on 600g cotton paper. Printed for Realm Cellars.


The Ivy Crown

1-color letterpress chapbooks of William Carlos Williams. Typeset and hand-bound.